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Sodium bicarbonate


Formula: NaHCO3
CAS-No. 144-55-8  -  EINECS-No. 205-633-8

Carbonic acid sodium salt, correct chemical name  sodium hydrogen carbonate. Fine white crystalline powder, odorless, thermal decomposition at temperatures above 50°C into sodium carbonate (Na2CO3), water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2).

Further trade names are: Bicarbonate, Bicarb, Nahcolite, Natron, Cooking soda, Baking soda, KaiserNatron®, Bullrich-Salz®.


As fire suppressive agent by liberation of carbon dioxide and water during thermal decoposition in dry powder fire extinguishers (BC-powders)
Environment: Absorption of acidic components in FGD plants
Agriculture: Feed additive, plant fungicide (e.g. mildew, Botrytis infections)
Household: Used for neutralisation of high levels of acids in food, as baking soda in baking powders, as abrasive element in toothpastes, for water treatment, and as cleaning agent for removal of heavy stains, dried leftovers and urine scale

Hazards identification / Labelling:

Not hazardous