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Denatonium benzoate

(Powder and granules or dissolved in monoethylenglycol)


Formula: C21H29N2O ? C7H5O2

Chemical name: Benzyldiethyl(2,6-xylylcarbamoyl)-methyl ammonium benzoate
CAS-No. 3734-33-6 – EINECS-No. 223-095-2

Quaternary ammonium compound with Denatonium as cation and benzoate as an inert anion. White, odorless solid (granules or powder). Described as the World’s most bitter compound, it is added to harmful or toxic products to prevent their accidental ingestion by consumers. Addition levels for diverse applications range usually between 40-500 ppm/l.

Further trade names are: Lignocaine-Benzyl benzoate, Bitrex®, Aversion®.


Denatured ethanol: These alcohols cannot be used for consumption anymore and are therefore exempted from spirits’ tax. End products are specified in the UK as Ethanol B and as SDA-1 and as SDA-40B standards in the USA.
Industrial products: Industrial alcohols, flavours, solvents and cleaning agents, antifreeze glycols, lead based paints, stripping and bleaching agents, herbicides, plant nutrient sticks
Household and auto care products: Detergents and disinfectants, air fresheners, car waxes, windshield fluids, brake fluids.
Cosmetics and toiletries: Shampoos, soaps, hair sprays, nail polishes / removers (also to prevent nail biting)
Animal repellents (as far as the animals are sensitive to denatonium benzoate), e.g. paints and insect repellent creams.

Hazards identification / Labelling:

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