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Import and export

The import and export of various prime chemicals and raw materials for the chemical industry (especially for coatings, resins, food, feed, plastics) as well as pharmaceutics, wood processing, leather processing.


Distribution of laundry powders and laundry liquids as well as swimming pool chemicals (Chlorine tabs, Chlorine Multitabs) to large-scale customers.


The marketing of by-products, surplus, secondary raw materials, remaining stocks, and accidentally damaged goods. Entire services in the waste management domain (due to the close collaboration with BITTNER Umwelttechnik GmbH).


The cooperation with notable international manufacturers and trading companies worldwide. In many cases formulation, reprocessing, treatment or stabilization of chemicals according to the customer's order possible.

Product range

Various different chemicals available on request (see our delivery programme). Major products include: Acetic acid, Cobalt salts, Denatonium benzoate, Formic acid, Fumed silica, Itaconic acid, 4-Methoxybenzeneamine, PAAB, Paratoluene sulfonic acid, PEG 200, Sodium bicarbonate.