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Butylhydroxytoluene technical


Formula: C15H24O

Chemical name: Butylhydroxytoluene CAS-No. 128-37-0 – EINECS-No. 204-881-4

Synthetical derivative of toluene, not available as natural product. Colour- and odourless crystals, nearly insoluble in water.

Other trade names: BHT, 2-6-Di-tert-butyl-p-cresol, Butylated hydroxytoluene


Industry: Additive to increase economic aspects by changing / optimizing physico-chemical para-meters, options of processing, and lifetime of the final product.
Antioxidant in many products to prevent or slow down the interaction with atmospheric oxygen. Reduction of oxidative degradation of plastics, elastomers, glues, oil, waxes, soaps, paints, inks. In fat-containing materials delay of the onset and reduction of rancidity (i.e. chemical decomposition of lipids).
Stabilizer for Diethyl ether, Tetrahydrofuran and other chemicals to prevent the building of dangerous peroxides.

Hazards identification / Labelling:


H410: Very toxic for aquatic life with long lasting effects.