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Zinc oxide, Zinc sulphate, Zinc sulphate basic, Zinc carbonate, Zinc chloride and more

Zinc is one of the essential mineral compounds in human, animal and plant organisms. Zinc compounds are necessary for our life and play an important role in medicine, animal feed, plant fertilizers, and a variety of technical applications.


Zinc oxide

Formula: ZnO

Chemical name: Zink(II)-oxid CAS-Nr. 1314-13-2 – EINECS-Nr. 215-222-5

Compound of Zinc and Oxygen, colourless crystals or white powder, nearly insoluble in water.

Other trade names: Zinc white, C.I. Pigment White


  • Source of Zinc nutrient in animal feed an plant fertilizers
  • Pharmaceutics and cosmetics
  • Numerous productions including manufacture of rubber, glues, paints, glass, electronics, solar technics.

Hazards classification:


H410: Very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.

für Wasserorganismen mit langfristiger Wirkung.